HTC Autonome: Concept Features and Release With Built-In Charger

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Perhaps almost all mobile phone users have experienced the dilemma of running out of battery just when they absotely needed it. Or perhaps at one point in time you might have forgotten to bring along your charger when you go on a trip and you just can’t find a charger that fits your phone. That can be quite a hassle especially for business people who need their mobile phone on a 24 hour routine.

But worry no more! Designer Francois Rybarczyk conceptualized a smartphone that now has a built-in charger. This will not only address the problem of having to carrying your charger everywhere you go but it also resolve the tangled charger cables that always gets in the way.

The new HTC Autonome (pronounced as “Autonomy) allows mobile phone owners to charge their handsets without power cables. There will be no problem looking for a charger, or leaving it behind because the new HTC Autonome comes with a built-in charger that attaches to it magnesium unibody frame.

Majority of mobile phone developers had long addressed the issue that users have about batteries and charging. In fact Nokia had already tested a solar-powered phone. However this has proven to be inconvenient for users. Charging wasn’t made any easier with this concept having to keep your phone under direct sunlight. Likewise it also suggests that battery life wasn’t any longer than it was supposed to last.

The HTC Autonome allows user to directly charge their phone by simply flipping the plug at the back of the phone. On the other hand Autonome also comes with a detachable battery module that you can charge while you use your phone. You can just return it after the battery has been fully charged or you need extra power.

And while on the topic of battery and charging, this concept phone would incorporate a new technology that allows users to charge the phone for just 30 seconds and everything will be completed. Of course with the technology that we have now this is still impossible unless the battery is holding a miniscule charge. But fast charging would no longer be a dream given the innovations that we are having right now.



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