HTC Bliss: Specs and Release Possibility — “For Her Phone” ?

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Well, well, well, look what do we have here? It appears TIMN is now reporting a new HTC smartphone that’s exclusively made for women. And it will be targeted for female Amercians between the age bracket of 20-30 years. Likewise, this new device won’t only look girly, but it will contain special attributes “made for her” specifically!

So this device is still hiding under its moniker “HTC Bliss”, whereas its color is expected to be in the hues of green, and its form-factor will be similar with the Desire S or Desire Z. Likewise, its expected specs will be on the mid-end, in which its software will be pumped up by female-centric applications such as “calorie counting app”, a special “calming” wallpaper to relax our women from a hard day’s work, etc.

Its “girl-factor” arrives when you check out its accessories. It’s believe to have a “wireless charging dock built-in speakers” and it can toggle in alarm-mode just by docking the phone on the charging station. A “stylish” Bluetooth and speaker can also be attacked on the device plus, a unique “charm indicator” said to be in a form of a cube that latches with your phone, this one illuminates when someone sends you a message or you received a missed call; its hook can even latch on a bag perfect for women who always lose their phones.

Likewise, its still a concept-device and Verizon or HTC hasn’t made any comments about this “HTC Bliss” smartphone.

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