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There was a an animation film back in 2004 entitled ‘The Incredibles’, which starred a family with super powers. Now if there is a mobile phone bearing the name “incredible”, most naturally people would expect so much that is possesses features that are highly supreme tantamount to the super powers of the super heroes.

HTC incredibles

The Google Nexus One is still yet to be out this coming spring but as early as now, news are already featuring the trickled information of its possible successor, the HTC Incredible. Both phones are said to be doled out to the public consumers through Verizon Wireless.

According to reports, HTC Incredible will have a lot of similarities with the Nexus One particularly with user interface concepts. This is not at all surprising since Nexus One is also a device produced by the same Taiwan-based smartphones manufacturer, the HTC (High Tech Computer) Corporation.


The HTC Incredible is said to be running on HTC’s sense interface over Android 2.1. Some specifications of this phone is believed to be a hand down from Google’s Nexus One which are the .5- to 3.7-inch AMOLED display and a Snapdragon processor.

Both phones have no physical keyboard. In terms of style, the HTC Incredible is different from the Nexus One because (based on the leaked pictures) it has a flat black face and a layered back that gives the impression of molding around the phone’s internals.

The other features that differentiates the HTC Incredible from the Nexus One are the two LED flashes close to the camera sensor, half the RAM at 256 MB and what seems like an optical pointer in place of the trackball.

In December of the previous year, HTC had a product roadmap wherein HTC’s literature refers its Bravo phone interchangeably with the Incredible. This is why the HTC is now getting more attention as consumers speculate if the two phones are one and the same.

If indeed, Incredible is also Bravo, some of its known features are: a 5-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, an optical mouse pointer, an FM radio and a digital compass, support for 720p video capture and DivX video playback, and Dolby sound.



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  1. c (Reply) Posted on May 10th, 2010 at 5:56 am

    Got my incredible the day after it came out. I switched from an HTC Touch Pro 2, which I loved, but DAMN this Incredible is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! The only fault I have come up w/ besides the battery life, is that I can not put distinctive notification tones between my email and voicemail or any other notification except text messages. Other than that this phone is AWESOME!!!! if you own a droid incredible , check out http://www.htc-incredible.com this site has many incredible users.


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