Hurricane Irene Update: Tracked From Outerspace — Things Will Be Better

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There have been so many incidents happening in our world lately like, wars, fires, flood, crimes and hurricanes. These situations made people more scared what could happen to the earth a few years from now. Yesterday morning, August 27, 2011, a hurricane was spotted at Cape Lookout, North Carolina and extended into New England. Hurricane Irene had a previous wind speed of up to 115 mph (a Category 3), though the massive storm continues to shower on north and east at 13 mph as it begins to batter on New Jersey Saturday night.

The first hurricane of 2011 was poised on August 26th and will make its landfall in the United States. ┬áThe hurricane bought heavy winds, storms, and flooding rains to each island before taking aim at US bound. Fortunately, Irene has weakened down from Category 3 to Category 2 – but still sustaining devastating wind speed of 105 mph. The hurricane was further downgraded to Category 1 when it finally made its landfall in North Carolina – with maximum winds of 85 mph.

The photo above was taken by GOES-13 (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) through NASA. The shot was after the landfall at 8am in Cape Lookout, North Carolina. More details can be found by watching NASA’s time lapse video of the hurricane below.



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