iBomb: Another iPhone ‘Exploding’ Report In Brazil, Details Still Under Investigation

Posted on 02 December 2011 by author

If you’ve been following all the major news for Apple this week, you already know about that iBomb report whereas a self-combusting iPhone was seen in an Australian airplane emitting a red-glow, exploding after.

Today, another related report hits the blogosphere – this time – coming from Brazil in which an iPhone 4 exploded after being charged overnight. To be more specific, it was said the device was made in France and the teen user ordered it from that country.

The details for the exploding part is similar with the ones we’ve heard earlier this week, in which the iPhone starts to emit a hissing sound, later on, exploded whereas its glass splinter have hit the eye of the owner’s boyfriend.

For those who are unaware, Brazil sells the most expensive standard iPhone 4 which exceeds the $900 mark; Likewise, there’s still an ongoing investigation made by the Brazilian officers as well as Australian’s Transport Safety Bureau to know exactly the culprit why these phones have exploded.

As usual, Apple remains silent and haven’t yet gave any comments about the issue. But just in case this one is proven to be an error in the manufacturer’s side, we can expect the Cupertino giant to be in the broiler room once again.



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    I am glad that I went with Android :)


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