Impressive GTA V Map Size Render From 45 Screenshots

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The hunt for GTA V’s map size has certainly come a long way ever since it was touted by Rockstar Games to be “bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined”.


In the past, we’ve seen several calculations for the true map size of Grand Theft Auto V. Since Rockstar Games seem to be tight lipped on giving any specifics for this area, enthusiasts have used previous screenshots to create a realistic impression about the true size of Los Santos. Check out this report and this thread.

Today, taken from the long thread of GTAForums, a user created this 3D representation of Los Santos. As seen from the post, jbte used the 45 screenshots released by Rockstar Games and Game Informer and mapped out certain points from these images to pinpoint locations for each areas. The result is the picture you’re seeing below. (Click this link for higher resolution).

The map is now getting favorable response from the community. As you can see, Los Santos will be the heart of GTA V’s map in which Vinewood will be on its North, while Del Pierro and Richman will be on the West side. You can also notice the railroads and bridges that connect mountainous regions of the map to the main city. Likewise, this is just a representation of the map and not its actual size so expect changes when you play the real game on September 17.

Update: From the same thread, GTAKiwi made his own version of mapping GTA V based from 24 screenshots. See image here.


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