Invisible Phone: Concept Specs and Release For Imaginary Phone

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Have you ever imagined the possibility of coming out with an imaginary or invisible phone? Well, technology has really gone a long way and continues to make impossible things to be possible. The imaginary phone is actually a research project by German researchers from Hasso Plattner Institute named Sean Gustafson, Christian Holz, and Patrick Baudisch.

This project is actually a part of a much larger project called Imaginary Interfaces. The concept of this imaginary phone deals with allowing its users to control their mobile devices without the need of taking it from their pocket or actually holding it. Impossible? Well, according to the research study, this can be possible through mimicking the interaction on the palm of the user’s hand.

Apparently, this interaction will be tracked through a wearable depth camera that sends the input events to the actual physical device. And by mimicking the layout of the physical device itself, a mobile user can operate the device based on a spatial memory built up while using the physical device. This can be useful in a large number of interactions that mobile users usually perform every day such as sending a call to the voice box or setting an alarm.

This so-called imaginary phone makes use of a system that utilizes your current phone and maps a touchscreen to the palm of your hand. You will then have to touch your palm as you would normally touch the screen of your device. The phone will then react to the input like you were touching it physically thus, allowing you to answer calls and even utilize your favorite applications.

However, it is important to note that in order for this system to work successfully, the user must be familiar with their smartphone. It was also found out during testing where an iPhone device was used that users who had memorized the position of the icons on their phones were able to use their device successfully and even launched their desired application 4 out of 5 times.

Check out the video:

The imaginary phone definitely allows its users to enjoy a new level of convenience thus, allowing them to make the most out of their smartphone. So watch out if this imaginary phone will be making its way soon or not.



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