iOS 4.3: Release Date on March With Personal HotSpot Option

Posted on 13 January 2011 by author

One of the most coveted feature for the Android platform was why is it so generous on enabling tethering on almost all of its smartphones? While Apple’s ‘jesus’ device could only be used with just one hotspot and that would even cost you 20 bucks on AT&T.

So you can see the pleasure of all the users when Verizon announced yesterday that it would be including its own mobile hotspot for every Reddish iPhones which is capable up to five connections absolutely free once you took Red V’s subscription plan. As of the moment, an insider confirmed this ‘Personal Hotspot’ would also be available on every iPhone devices that have upgraded to iOS 4.3 and that should include the new 8F5148B baseband version allowing you to use this feature. Hopefully, this one would be available on AT&T iPhone devices as well to least give some more reasons why old subscribers should stay on their current plan.

Interestingly, it was said the revelation for this one would be on March which is just the right-timing for the Spring; and we all know what that means don’t you? So expect that we’ll be hearing another major update from Apple then the real steak which is you know that already! Shhh.


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