iPad Hacker Got Arrested: Andrew Auernheimer in Jail?

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After associating with a hacker group, what more can you ask for? Perhaps finding in your possession some drug paraphernalia? This is perhaps what Andrew Auernheimer aged 24 is looking for – the limelight and a bad boy image. Or maybe he’s just a victim of Apple’s and AT&T’s vendetta?

Andrew Auernheimer (a.k.a Weev or Escher), is a key personnel in Goatse Security Group and now known as a “hacker-in-chief”. The said group is responsible in hacking the AT&T site by sending HTTP requests that included SIM card serial numbers for iPads which in turn allowed the system to disclose the private email addresses of 114,000 iPad users.

The serial numbers called ICC-IDs or integrated circuit card identifiers are sequential in nature which enabled researchers to guess thousands of them while running a program to get the data by going down the list. Goatse said they were doing the citizenry a favor by exposing the flaws of the system of this technology.

But the news didn’t stop there. The FBI armed with an unspecified search warrant searched Auernheimer ‘s house at Arkansas for evidences for the security breach but instead of finding computer hacking paraphernalia, they were faced with cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and prescription drugs. Now, Auernheimer is charged for possession of the various potent drugs. He is now held in Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas awaiting arraignment for the said case.

This is a message to all public enemies like hackers, of course because they are not adored by the people whose websites or system they hack into, to clean out their closets. It’s because once they came into the public eye, it proceeds a triggering effect where they will be maligned and judged not for their being geniuses in the hacking system but in their meddling with others’ lives. So the public will in turn meddle with their private lives in one way or the other. Come to think of it, this arrest is clearly Apple’s and AT&T’s vendetta.

Why? What was the reason for the search warrant? It was because Weev was responsible for hacking into a system. The FBI was not interested in the drugs in the first place not until they found no other evidences to prove the hacking incident. So without the hacking incident evidences they retaliated to the evidences that were there – the drugs that obviously lay in the rooms of the house. But that’s a different story.


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