iPhone 4 DSLR Specs and Release Date – Goes for a Review!

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Have you heard of iPhone 4 DSLR? Well, Apple has something new in store for iPhone users out there. Apple has just come up with an upgrade on the iPhone 4’s camera; it has now 5 megapixel s still frames, HD video, LED flash and a DSLR lens. With these updates, the iPhone can shoot amazing photos and videos with SLR lens, have them edited and share them in the internet all in one amazing device.

The concept of having a DSLR lens in the iPhone 4 was an idea from Jeremy Salvador of iPhoneDSLR.com. The “mod” idea is a unique combination of the technology from Canon, Apple and OWLE . Jeremy Salvador started it out using the OWLE Bubo accessories but eventually OWLE and Vid-Atlantic made a collaboration of their ideas and technology to come up with a more refined iPhone DSLR attachment. Currently, the attachment is compatible with existing iPhone 3GS but the group is working on the iPhone 4 DSLR attachment and hopefully will release it soon.

This concept was made possible by attaching a suitable mounting tool, which will serve as an adaptor for Canon EF lenses. Adding the DSLR EF lenses will further enhance still images as well as videos. With the DSLR you can come up with great quality photos and videos, edit on the fly and share it via the internet. The iPhone DSLR prototype also comes with a tripod and a handle which gives its users the convenience and comfort while taking photos or shooting videos. It also includes the OWLE Bubo and EnCinema 35mm adapter build up with Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens.

At present the mount only fits Canon EF lenses but it may eventually be able to fit other lenses as well such as the Nikon lenses, M42 lenses as well as Canon FD lenses given the right adaptors. It also comes with an impressive housing that is made of solid anodized billet aluminum. Looks like its heavy as shown in its photos but amazingly it only weighs around 1.1 lbs.

It also comes with two handle grips and female threaded mounting holes which will enable you to screw it up on a tripod for more comfort. This housing fits well with any iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 devices. Using this mounting tool gives you the “feel” of using a professional camera! This is really another amazing concept made on mobile devices. Thanks to this concept because it has magically turned the iPhone into one amazing camera.

The iPhone 4 version of this device will not yet be available for a while. All we have to do is just wait patiently for this device and see for ourselves how great this iPhone 4 DSLR device is. But if you can’t wait, checkout the HD video captured using the iPhone 4 DSLR prototype accessory.



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