iPhone 4, T-Mobile G2 and HTC Surround Grilled Video (EZGrill Commercial)

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And what better way to promote a product than to destroy it while taking a video and uploading it on youtube? Sounds contradicting? Well, not exactly for the EZGrill!

As some of you may or may not know. Android and Apple are the two current type of smartphones that are battling its way towards its supremacy for the greatest mobile unit on earth – not to mention that Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 is looming on background trying to take the spot out from the RIM-kind, to be hailed as the 3rd Smartphone brand on the mobile market. For some who doesn’t like to compare specifications and just want to know the  strength of these smartphones on a ‘practical way’, EZGrill seems to have a very good idea of coming up with a solution. How? By GRILLING it!

Check out the video!

Ah yes, you gotta love the smell of freshly grilled smartphones, don’t you? So for those who are interested, the smartphones that were grilled are the iPhone 4, T-Mobile G2 and HTC Surround. And apparently, it appears our winner is the WP7 kind appearing to have an extra added layer of asbestos against Android and Apple? And the loser was T-Mobile G2. For those who will be asking what’s the purpose of this video, it’s a form of advertisement for EZgrill hoping it will catch the attention of geeks!

Question is, did it?


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