iPhone 4 Verizon Release Date and Specs Revealed

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It seems that Apple and Verizon are having some “high level” discussion regarding the possibility of having an iPhone deal.  With the end of AT&T’s contract with Apple sometime within this year, Verizon is anticipated to release Apple’s iPhone starting next year which is estimated to happen in the month of January. Both the official spokesperson of Verizon and Apple refuse to make any remarks regarding this issue since there is no official announcement regarding this matter that has been made as of present.

The iPhone has been exclusively distributed by AT&T since June 2007 and has been the toughest competitor of Verizon ever since.  It cannot be denied that the iPhone had helped AT&T increased its subscribers. However, AT&T has faced some quality issues which are really difficult to ignore.

With Verizon and Apple working together, the wheel of fortune will definitely take a different turn; the iPhone will surely increase it sales with Verizon having more than 92.8 million customers who is estimated to buy about 3 million iPhones per quarter. According to sources, Apple will exclusively produce an iPhone version for a CDMA wireless network which is entirely different with AT&Ts GSM technology.

Verizon is currently on the process of upgrading its network to a 4th generation wireless technology known as”LTE”. With this development it is possible to create phones that will work on both the CDMA and LTE networks. Thus, it will make a really great partnership if the deal with Apple pushes through. Although it is believed that Apple won’t bring the iPhone to Verizon until its 4G network is already in place.

If Verizon will succeed, it will surely be a great loss on the part of AT&T. Apple most likely would still like to maintain a good relationship with AT&T even its exclusive contract is about to end. With this we can say that it is the consumers who will greatly benefit from the situation.

Although this iPhone deal between Apple and Verizon has not yet been finally announced, a lot of speculations and rumors regarding this issue have been coming out. Only time will tell if these rumors are true or not. For the mean time, let’s just wait for any further developments and hope for the best.


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  1. Matt (Reply) Posted on July 4th, 2010 at 3:14 am

    This is no new rumor. People have “heard” that the iPhone is coming to Verizon for years now, but it’s never happened, and probably never will. The iPhone situation is kinda like the “Console vs. PC” problem. An upgraded console can be released every 2 or 3 years with the latest technology at the time, but consumers must wait another 2 to 3 years for the next one. Same with the iPhone. Great… buy one, but in less than 3 months it’ll be outdated and outperformed by a dozen other phones on the market, especially Android phones.

    The Android(the iPhones only real competetor), for instance, doesn’t have this problem because it is open source. People can tweak and upgrade their phone as often as they like, and since it can work on all different types of phones you can always count on getting the latest version of the Android OS with the latest phones. You aren’t limited to what Apple will allow on your phone. You can customize anything and everything on the Android; just like a computer.

    I suppose I turned my opinion into a sales pitch for the Android, but lets face it: You can but an iPhone, but your paying for the brand name only. There are already phones(like the Androids) that can outperform the iPhone 4 in almost every way.

  2. Tom (Reply) Posted on July 5th, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Matt, you’re forgetting however that open source doesn’t matter to millions of consumers. You’re also forgetting that tweaking and upgrading their phone as often as they like doesn’t matter to millions of consumers, since the iPhone is only out once per year with a new edition. You’re also forgetting the level of customization you can do on an Android device vs an iPhone doesn’t matter to millions of consumers.

    If people wanted the buggy experience that Android OS is, more would buy one. I for one have a Motorola Droid. It crashes daily with various errors and bugs. I’ve had it replaced 3 times thinking it was the phone but no, they all have the same flaws and bugs. Facebook app? Crashes the live wallpaper in the background half the time when you update your status. Live wallpaper crashes randomly on it’s own as well. Sometimes the web browser won’t load anything at all, regardless of me having a great signal.

    People want the iPhone for the simple reason that it just works. However Apple has seriously dented that image this time around however with the various bugs iPhone 4 launched with.

    But just because you enjoy Android, doesn’t mean everyone does. If the iPhone was available on all cell carriers in the U.S. the sales would look very differently for Android devices, very differently indeed.


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