iPhone 5 Earphones Redesigned In Line With New iPod Touch

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Images of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5 are still unconfirmed though they show a similarity in the design with the iPhone 4/4S. The new handset, on the other hand, sports a larger display, a slightly thinner build, more powerful processor, and may include new antenna and headphone jack locations.

Though the new iPhone 5 and its accessories have not been officially launched, a video of the phone’s newly designed earphones had appeared on Tinhte.vn, a Vietnamese site. This gives the impression that Apple is planning to redesign their ear buds in preparation for the next generation of iPod. Apparently, the new earphones are manufactured at a factory in Vietnam known as Phax Co and is said to replace the current earphones in the market.

The new earphones appear like a horse’s head as opposed to the familiar ear buds look. The design, typical of Apple products, is fully integrated and has a small profile. Furthermore, wearing the earphones does not hurt the way ear buds do.

The redesigned earphones seem like a radical move by Apple. While the peripheral seems to be a valid Apple accessory, there is still a sense of obscurity surrounding its authenticity. Several factors have to be considered such as design and quality of the materials for it to be regarded as genuine and not fake earphones.



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