iPhone 5 Wins Drop Test Against Galaxy S3, Is Obviously More Durable

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Smartphones are known to do what computers do and needless to say, multitasking is versatility is its forte. With most of the hard work going inside these high end devices, making them somewhat of an extension of our laptops and conventional PCs, little can be said about its physicality. Yes, there are some smartphones than are dust, water proof and we can clap about them. But little is known about how sturdy Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 5.

To test how well-built the iPhone 5 is, Android Central pitted Apple’s iOS6 backed phone against Samsung’s current sweetheart – the Galaxy SIII. To make things realistic and supposedly to kick things a notch, both devices were dropped in different heights.

First, both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy SIII were dropped at around two and a half feet, simulating a user’s clumsiness when he picks his phone off his pocket. Both sustained the test with minor scratches and none on the screen.

Next stop is to test both when a user accidentally drops the device in an attempt to answer or make a call. The Samsung Galaxy SIII’s top part shattered while the iPhone 5 remained intact. At around four feet, the iPhone 5 proved to be a lot tougher than the SIII although the SIII’s touch screen was still working quite fine.

Lastly, at around five feet and six inches, both items were again tested in a way a user drops both when answering a call. Coming with the same results as the second test, the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s battery cover flew off from its body and even did greater damage on the screen while the iPhone 5 is still pretty much the same. The latter was even dropped at around five feet ten inches: save for some distinguishable dents and a bruise around the corner, the iPhone 5 is built on a rock foundation.

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Of course, both phones landed on a variety of positions and with it spelled the fate of both. But seeing the drop tests three times (four for the iPhone 5), it’s safe to say that the Apple iPhone 5 is rigid as compared to the Galaxy SIII. Not liking what you see? Better try it out yourself to prove it otherwise.


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