iPhone Shoulder Surfing: How To Hack iPhone Password in Realtime (Video)

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Italian researchers have managed to devise software that captures inputs on the touchscreens of smartphones. Known as Shoulder Surfing attack, it generally relies on a shoulder camera to detect and decipher anything typed in the magnified screens by recording the keystrokes and using movement recognition system.

Touchscreen is a common feature of Blackberry, Android and iOS devices and their feedback mechanism is vulnerable to exploitation by this process. The process works only if the user is typing and the camera aiming at the screens, the software doing the detection and reconstruction of keystroke movements.

The system is clever enough to adjust unnecessary movements just to accurately identify anything inputted by the user provided, however, that the camera and the device are not in fixed locations. On the low side, the screen should be large enough for easy detection which fits iPad in the picture, and the device is fitted with blue soft keys. Initial tests show 97.07% recognition rate and 1.15% in error.

Passwords and user names are the major candidates for hacking in order to access personal accounts and tinker with online funds without their knowledge. Although limited in functionality, iPhone Shoulder Surfing opens the pandora’s box to real-time hacking which may possibly bring disastrous rather than beneficial effects.

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