It’s A New Sony Commercial Not GTA V Live-Action Advert?

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Earlier today, a post from reddit made rounds about the possibility of GTA V having a live-action commercial which is probably the last thing on your mind considering Rockstar Games has never introduced a live commercial for any of its titles for the past decade or so.

In our previous report, we mentioned the post is currently being examined by folks from GTAForums and as it turns out, the thread is now locked which means it was either fake or not fully authenticated by the community.

Actually, the whole live-action commercial was not fake but as its admin points out, the commercial doesn’t have anything to do with Grand Theft Auto V or Rockstar Games as it’s simply about a commercial for Sony.

And once you think it that way, things will start to make sense like the first image here which resembles the bushes from the PS3-exclusive game The Last of Us.

While this group walking with their hoods on may be a promotion for inFamous.

How about the guy in the suit which we thought was Michael? Well, as you can see from the picture below, he seems to be a little different than the protagonist we’ve seen from the screenshots released by Rockstar – just look at his grayish hair.

It’s also notable to say that no game advert will include a banner which shows its real logo on the background. Basically, think about the ‘V’ poster as a cameo backdrop used by Sony to excite players for its new commercial.

Lastly, some of the things that doesn’t add to the commercial is, if it was really intended for GTA V then why was it shot from Mexico? And why are there so many non-GTA V objects lurking in the background, take that image below as an example.

As of the moment, both Sony and Rockstar Games haven’t made any comment about these shots.


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