iTunes 10 Download and Release Date: New Features

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Just recently Apple made an announcement that they are coming out with the iTunes 10. The iPod and iTunes has been working hand and hand for quite some time now. The iTunes 10 is the newest version of the media management application called iTunes. This new version apparently features a new networking feature called Ping that comes with a new and more modern icon as well as a streamlined interface as well.

The Ping is a new music-oriented social network that enables its users to follow their favorite artists and friends music preferences and also allows them to post their opinions and thoughts about a certain topic as well as feature their favorite album or music downloaded from iTunes. It also allows it users to share with friends what music you are listening to as well as share information on upcoming concerts and events.

Amazingly, the Ping seems to be a true musical discovery. Ping is now available to all iTunes users. With this application, users will surely enjoy various ways of sharing information, as well as images and links. Aside from this feature, the iTunes 10 also offers AirPlay wireless music playback where you can listen to your favorite music using remote speakers through Apples Airport Express base station.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the iTunes 10 also allows iTunes users to rent their favorite HD TV shows from ABC, Disney Channel, Fox and BBC America and many more for only 99 cents per episode. Almost more than one thousand episodes are readily available which you can enjoy watching using your iPod Touch, Mac PC or iPhone and the all-new Apple TV.

The iTunes 10 is now available as a free download through the website www.itunes.com. To download and get started with the iTunes 10 simply follow these easy steps:

1. Download the new iTunes from the website www.itunes.com
2. Once installed successfully, you will see a new link under the iTunes Store Tab on the left side of the iTunes interface
3. At this point you have to turn on Ping, sign in with your Apple account and agree with a new term of service. After that, a profile page where you can upload an avatar and write something about yourself will appear.
4. Then you can set up some privacy choices. You can also connect your profile on Ping to your Facebook account if you wished to.
5. Once you’re set up, you’re now set to enjoy the various features offered by the iTunes 10.

Some test conducted against the iTunes 10 showed that the Ping has a long way to go. Moreover, some finds its interface still buggy and little slower. For the meantime, let’s just wait and see how the iTunes 10 will really work especially when more artists as well as music bloggers and other users started to be on Ping.


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