iTunes Hacked: Vietnamese Hacked iTunes?

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There were some ongoing reports that a number of Apple IDs have been hacked and used in buying several applications in the iPhone App Store.

According to blogger Alex Brie, Thuat Nguyen , a Vietnam nationale had managed to hacked iTunes and was able to create 40 out of the 50 top iPhone apps .In one of his blogs, he mentioned that it is quite suspicious that some Vietnamese book apps have been doing well in the ranking. With this issue raised by Alex Brie, Apple responded that they will conduct an investigation regarding this suspicious matter.


Additional reports have been made and it seems more serious that what we initially thought. Some complaints made through Twitter and MacRumors forum showed that a number of iTunes user’s accounts were used to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of apps which were not really purchased and downloaded at all as confirm by the users.

The app developer who began this investigation had their respective accounts removed, but they have also discovered that there were a number of other developer accounts that comes with innovative approaches to stealing user’s money. The Apple App store is said to be filled by App Farms which is used primarily for stealing other people’s money.

These incidents had been happening for over four weeks now although MacRumors shows some hacking incidents since 2009. Many of the apps have been purchased with the purpose of climbing the iTunes chart. These hackers believed that getting the top spot in the iTune chart will attract more consumers to purchase their applications.itunes hack

With this problem, it is advised that you do the following:

· check your iTunes previous purchases. If you notice some unusual purchases made, personally contact Apple and your bank to prevent any unauthorized purchase from clearing

· get in touch with Apple

· it is best to change your iTunes password

· remove your iTunes card details and consider using gift cards where applicable

As of present, it is not yet known how big this problem is, Alex Brie’s blog might help in finding it out. If iTunes are really being hacked then Apple has another tough challenge to face. For now, we encourage all users to take the necessary precautions and to check their iTunes account for any unusual transactions. If you notice any unauthorized transaction made, please do your share and report it immediately.


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