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Apple is on set to launch another amazing iDevice to join its top of the line devices. Steve Jobs, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, officially introduced this device a couple of years ago and called it the iTV, although back in 2007 after the announcement of the iPhone’s release, Apple launched the first version of this device as Apple TV.

After quite some time, Apple has developed the iTunes in some of its devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices but left the Apple TV as it is. But it seems that Apple has been quietly collecting a few features and other innovative ideas to and eventually come out with something big out of the Apple TV.

And the long wait seems to be over, with Apple renaming its Apple TV to iTV, which is the actually the original choice for its name, this Apple device is already preparing for release in the market. According to some ongoing rumors, the iTV will be sold in the market at only $99 and will run on an A4 processor, which is the same processor used by iPhone 4 device.

This device is also rumored to come with a 16GB of internal storage capacity and on top of that is a cloud based iTunes support. The iTV will be capable of playing 720p HD videos which some believes to be the downside of this product. Others believed that it will be much better if it can play 1080p HD videos instead. But apparently its processor doesn’t have the ability to do so. This iTV will also have its own App store that would allow access to more than 200,000 applications.

This redesigned iTV will make it easier for its users to rent or buy HD movies. With the iTV you’ll have the access to newly release Hollywood movies as well as the most popular library titles and your favorite TV shows.

For Apple’s avid consumers, the iTV seems to be a cheaper device that allows the purchase and viewing of HDTV content which many believes to make more sense than the current Apple TV which requires syncing with a local iTune system.

Apple iTV is expected to be a hit once it penetrates the market because aside from its cheaper price, it will also be similar in size and specs to the very popular iPhone 4. Well, as of now the re-launching of Apple iTV is just a rumor. Apple has not yet made any confirmation regarding this issue. So let us just wait for their official announcement.


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