Joel “Mr iFart” Comm appeals to Steve Jobs about ka-ching app

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Joel Comm ifart Joel Comm, the iFart Mobile apple app developer, could only be one of hundreds or thousands of developers filing complaints about Apple’s unfair app approval process.  However, we think that Mr. iFart is the only Apple app developer who took the extra step of filing a personal appeal (with video) to Apple’s CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.

The root cause of Joel Comm’s complaint started when an app he created, a green “$” sign button (Ka-ching button) that produces a cash register’s “ka-ching” sound, was disapproved twice. The reason Apple app store officials gave Mr. Comm was that his app had “minimal user functionality… and will not be appropriate for the app store”.

Mr. iFart thought that the reason was a bunch “crap” since plenty of other apple apps had similar brainless functions such as his iFart mobile which by the way became number 1 apple app best seller last Christmas.

On behalf of developers everywhere, we’re looking for consistency in the app reviewal process,” he says. “It’s not asking much that the process be fair and more transparent so that we know what’s going on. Remember, we’re investing our time, money and resources into helping build your platform

And so, Joel “Mr iFart” Comm decided to elevate his rant into the next level by composing a “Dear Steve” video appeal (hoping Mr. Steve Jobs would notice it). Here’s what Mr. iFart has to say

It doesn’t matter where you look at it, this dude has a point. The apple app store shouldn’t become a big industry as it is if not for developers like Mr. iFart who make applications people love to buy. Perhaps, Steve’s representative or PR guys could make a video response to the guy’s plea. You can read more about Joel Comm and his appeal by visiting his blog.


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