Kindle Fire HD For High-End Gaming via OpenCL Mod

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is reasonably fine as it already is, but we wouldn’t complain if there’s more to it, like the capability for high-end gaming perhaps? As a matter of fact, that feature is something that Amazon Kindle Fire can do. Both versions of the Kindle Fire, the 7-inch and the 8.9-inch, are packed with a graphics engine that can do way more than initially believed. It is said to be capable of carrying out OpenCL acceleration which could make the tablet fit for high-end gaming.

In case you did not know, OpenCL is a framework used for writing programs that is capable of enhancing frame rates while lessening the consumption of power. It optimizes frame rates by up to 50% and decreases power consumption by the same rate. OpenCL does so by freeing the processor from some computational work and then giving such to the under-utilized but significantly parallel GPU.

Amazon is working with Imagination Technlogies to try this concept. However, Amazon has not shown to put the OpenCL in operation in the Kindle Fire HD tablets. Imagination has explained that such decision to hold back was brought from the fear of giving too much access to the GPU to third-party developers, which in turn, could make the device unstable. But it’s not really out of the question that Amazon will implement the prototype in the future, so let’s just see what goes on ahead.

On this article, you can see that TI Omap 4470 processor is very capable of rendering high-end graphics on tablets (or mobile devices). However, what hinders Kindle Fire HD is its PowerVR SGX544 GPU not being used extensively to exhaust its resources on graphic-related processing. Perhaps, OpenCL might give that needed to boost once Amazon released its new Kindle tablets this year.


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