Kinect Angry Birds Hack: How To Play Angry Birds Using Kinect (Video)

Posted on 26 January 2011 by author

Like we said on our previous report, one of Microsoft’s main plan is to make developers hack their device to make it popular. And while its WP7 seems to be getting a ‘meh’ treatment from the customers, we all know the case is entirely opposite for its ‘amazing’ Kinect device.

At this point, there’s got to be tons of Kinect hacks we’ve seen circling the web and we need to pass on other things that were submitted to us. Anyway, this new hack proves to be quite cool and interesting to watch. It’s all about birds killing pigs. Yep, that game! And if you think it’s impossible to control Angry Birds using your gesutures, think again! You may want to check this video for verification.

Lol, did you see that? To do this feat, you need to have installed Angry Birds on Windows 7 and have download the open source Kinect program and mod it to work as a controller for Angry Birds on your PC.

Anyway, if this isn’t cool enough for you, you may want to take a look about these Kinect hacks controlling Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Or maybe, you are wondering if you can do Kinect and Porn huh? Well, it’s all possible!

Jizz in yo pants.


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