Kinect Hack: How To Play Super Mario Using Kinect? (Video)

Posted on 29 November 2010 by author

Since the release of the open source hack for the Xbox 360 Kinect system, there have been a lot of new ways the Kinect is being used. Here’s another worthwhile hack; Controlling Super Mario in a PC.

Even with the blanket-statement on a boilerplate special provided by Microsoft about hacking the Kinect, more and more people will jump on the chance of being able to use the Kinect system for other uses. Although there are coming games that will use the Kinect as these hackers are already doing, it would be a good idea if they can move on from these testings and make some homebrew.

With this new hack, Yankeyan programmed OpenKinect drivers to recognize motions as virtual button presses for a Nintendo Emulator. He mentions:

“I could have placed a simulated keypad right in front of me that I can press with my hands, but I thought full body gestures were more in the spirit of Kinect. Of course, Mario isn’t designed to be played like this, so this is really really hard.”

Here’s a YouTube video as proof of course:

If you remember just last week, Yankeyan was also able to make a LightSaber video using OpenKinect. Other uses like MIDI controller and 3D Video Camera make this one of the more eagerly anticipated hack for 2011. Stay tuned for more news.


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