Kinect Street Fighter IV and First-Person-Shooting Game Hack

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Kinect is like the lucky charm of Microsoft that brought the company out from a terrible slump on the eleventh hour of last year. Since its revelation, there’s got to be tons of hacks we’ve seen portraying how you can use Kinect and its Open Source program to develop it in some pretty amazing gesture based controlling system.

Just a couple of days ago, we’ve managed to unearth this Kinect Call of Duty hack that lets you play the full COD using this device and some help with a Wii controller. As of today, a new uploader managed to show how to play Street Fighter IV on Kinect and it looks pretty cool!

Check out the video.

As you can see, he mapped certain moves like hadouken, dragon punch which normally needs certain key presses on your controller, to Kinect. Interestingly, it appears these moves are instantly initiated with a certain natural gesture coming from the user aside from using a normal pad.

But wait, there’s more!

Another youtuber managed to upload a video showing how Kinect could be used for first-person-shooter type of games on a fun and more fluid kind of way than a mouse. He has programmed this “high-speed kinematic tracker” and MaxFPS to track the movement of his hands to make this feat possible.

Check out the video.

Certainly, Microsoft is very happy and appreciates all these hacks and that’s why they are revealing a full SDK for Kinect for Windows soon!


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