LG Nexus 5X Is An All-Around Champ For Budget Users

Posted on 06 October 2015 by author

Rumors were true, LG will have a new Nexus phone for this year in partnership with Google. The device is a complete upgrade from its Nexus 5 released more than two years ago. The 5x now packs a Snapdragon 808 CPU with 5.2” Gorilla glass display — resolution still the same though at 1080p. It also supports LTE and GSM bands as it runs on the latest Android Marshmallow OS. The device features a 2GB RAM, 12.3MP rear camera able to shoot 4K video with its dual flash and autofocus (laser-assisted) lens. Two versions will be available – 16GB and 32GB, and it comes in ice blue, black and white colors.


Once it becomes available later this month, it will carry new eye candies like a Sensor Hub chip from Google which provides fitness stats and keeps notifications from time to time without necessarily depriving the unit out of power. Speaking of which, it comes with 2,700mAh battery which is a conservative approach for a flagship device like this one. One can also find Nexus Imprint – a fingerprint sensor for security access similar with Galaxy S6 and a USB Type-C port for synchronization of files and fast charging giving 4 hours worth of juice for just 10 minutes.

LG provides Nexus Protect for the unit for two years at a price of $69 while its starting price sits competitively at $379. Pre-orders are now live through Google Store.


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