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Tablet devices seem to become a product that every manufacturer wants to get into nowadays. And one of the latest tablet devices to come out very soon is the Optimus Pad that will be manufactured by LG. LG is one of the leading manufacturers in the world when it comes to electronic products and mobile devices and for sure this upcoming tablet that they are going to launch soon is something that we can really look forward to.

The LG Optimus Pad is described to be a tablet device that comes with superior performance and as compared with other tablet devices in the market, the Optimus Pad is believed to be thinner and lighter making it more portable and practical to use. There are also some indications that the Optimus Pad is going to better than those tablets which are currently offered in the market.

As of present, not much information is available regarding this upcoming tablet. Apparently, LG has been really quiet about the specifications of this upcoming tablet. However, there were some gadget websites who have managed to get an image of it from the presentation slide showed at the LG’s pre-IFA Dealers Day Event held recently at Brussels. Based on this photo it seems that only one thing is sure about this tablet; that it will be going to run with an Android operating system.

It seems that LG is coming out with a great device that almost promise all the best features that a user can wish to have in his own tablet device. In fact, LG’s CEO apparently claimed that the Optimus Pad will be much better than Apple’s iPad. The iPad is the blockbuster tablet device made by Apple and has been totally dominating the tablet market since it was released.

The Optimus Pad has been created by LG and believed to become a direct competitor of Apple’s iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet. As of present, this device is still in the development process, but is rumored to penetrate the tablet market within the fourth quarter of the year.

We hope to get more information regarding its specs, release date as well as price in the forthcoming IFA event that will be held in Berlin. At this point, we’ll just have to wait for these details to know what this tablet device has to offer.


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