Limbo For iPhone & iPad Will Scare Fans, Android TBA

Posted on 05 July 2013 by author

Game developer Playdead is making available its infamous video game Limbo to iOS devices and porting to Android gadgets will soon be made. Limbo had been with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for some time already and an iOS port is yet to be tested among its users. Of particular interest is the scary environment and the terrifying sound associated with the gameplay that could make a player sleepless for a moment after playing.

But Limbo could bring excitement to a gamer in time once he gets used to it especially with the young boy character able to dodge the puzzles and traps in the gameplay in searching for his sister. For sure, new gamers get the creep of their lives at first time play and the boy’s gruesome death is unbearable for a few seconds. After regaining composure, they simply try again and manage to gain strength by dousing fear and ignoring horrific scenes as they go along with the gameplay.

Limbo is now available for download at the App Store via an iPhone or iPad devices for $4.99. With 103Mb in size it could take minutes to download and install the game but given its popularity due perhaps to aggressive marketing or  publicity, the game is worth a try and play.



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