LulzSec Hacked CIA: Claims to Brought it Down — A Hoax?

Posted on 17 June 2011 by author

If you’ve been following the hackingsphere for the past couple of days, you should know LulzSec (Lulz Security) is the infamous group who’s getting the limelight, responsible for hacking major game websites such as EVE Online, Minecraft, League of Legends, etc. bringing outage to its servers via a DDoS attack.

Aside from that, the group is also responsible to attack even the US Senate website in which LS claim it managed to scrape important details on its database.

As of today, ‘it gets better’ as LulzSec made a recent tweet stating that it managed to successfully brought down the CIA website.

According to these series of tweets which you can still salvage if you’ll visit Lulz’s Twitter page with more than 170K followers (it was 140k two days ago), it says “Tango down – cia.gov – for the lulz” stating their group managed to hacked and disrupted the service of Central Intelligence Agency’s government site.

According to CW, the cia.gov “appeared to be resolving somewhat slowly or not at all… it’s not immediately clear if any information was compromised”. If you’ll check the site, it’s still down as of the moment.

Likewise, the FBI or CIA didn’t respond or made any comments with these allegiations.

Meanwhile, there’s a new rumor-mill again that some Anonymous members (a hacktivist group) are having some issues with LulzSec group. Then again, it doesn’t mean the boat of Lulz will stop sailing now because it seems they’re even starting to take “hack-attack orders” base on the wishes of its followers.

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