Mac Defender Malware Fix: Removal Guide and Download Goes Imminent

Posted on 26 May 2011 by author

You think Macs aren’t susceptible from Malware attacks? Think again! For the past couple of weeks, there’s been an ongoing buzz on the blogosphere that a group of culprits have managed to create a fake anti-virus called as “Mac Defender”.

The real problem isn’t really about the malware itself, but the way how Apple tried not to acknowledge the issue; commanding its Apple Support employees not to talk about it – proven by a report from ZDNet.

Anyway, it appears the Cupertino-based company has finally admit the threat today, and “promised” to give a software update to remove this virus, once and for all.

Just a refresher, Mac Defender a.k.a Mac Security / Mac Protector, is like your any malware product you see on the net, that once you click on it, it will create a fake “flash simulation” telling that your machine is infected by virus. Once you download and install it on your MAC, you’ll undergo several steps until it ask for your credit card information to clean the so-called “infection” on your computer.

And we all know it won’t ever happen!

Right now, Apple has posted a full guide on how to remove and avoid this Malware on infecting your machine. May we advice everyone not to download any software removal tool from the third-party sources for it might be another related malware; simply wait for the software update going to be rolled out by Apple soon.


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