Mac Vs Windows PC Infographic: Who’s The Sexiest?

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Among 388,315 Hunch users who answered the question ‘Are you a Mac person or a PC person’, one fourth of these are Mac users while fifty-two percent are PC users. The other twenty-three percent answered neither of the two. Hunch also cited differences in each user’s core demographics and personalities including sense in fashion, media and food from these responses.

From Hunch’s infographic, PC people are more likely aged from 35 to 40 while Mac users are those 18 to 34. Almost every Mac users live in the city while PC users reside more likely in suburbs and rural area. Most PC people are scientific than Mac people, being creative. PC people are comfortable with casual outfit and just wearing jeans. Mac users are the trendy ones – fashionistas and designers. Mac users are vegetarian. They would prefer bistro-type fries than McDonald’s fries. Mac people are the techie ones, making them the early adopters. 54% of PC users have achieved a degree. 67% of Mac users are professionals.

Now, what can you say, Windows folks? I wasn’t such a fan of Mac laptops too, considering the fact that it cost too much for my basic calculating needs. However, Windows and Mac computers almost have quite the same price these days. And both have pros and cons. But it’s important to know these things. Of course every trend has an exception. And each of us has his own choice.

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