Macbook Air 3G: 2011 Release and Specs Possibilities

Posted on 16 February 2011 by author

It’s obvious that Apple isn’t that strict on following a year cycle for the release of its Macbook Air. If you will base the timeline between the release of the last two Macbook Air models, it took the company almost two years before we saw the thinnest version of it.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean its users aren’t wondering what would be the next best feature ready to be incorporated with the given “notebook” device to make it shine on its future debut.

Coming from some insiders, a poll has been made regarding the “wishlist” of its customers and the changes they would like to manifest on the future Macbook Air and the results are quite interesting.

Out from the poll, the outstanding results were giving a new 3G data connectivity to the notebook instead with its usual WiFi network, better use of USB ports and external disc drives, and a Web-based file storage (cloud based storage ala Dropbox).

Anyway, the Macbook Air 3G is still questionable just because of the fact that is it really needed? To think that there’s almost a WiFi spot on every place you look today. Needless to say, everything will be a decision of Apple now and since its Macbook Pro has a possibility to have a new release this year, let’s see if it’ll be blessed with 3G capability as well.

Like the old saying suggest, elders first!


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