Macbook Pro 2011: Release and Review of Rumors

Posted on 20 February 2011 by author

Viral marketing seem to work well for Apple, as people seem to bite on each bit of information that has been released to reveal new updates of their products. To keep up with the times, we’ll give you a quick round of all the rumors circling the Macbook Pro 2011.

Rumor has it that the refresh would be released in Liquid Metal, more of a black exterior in gloss finish. It essentially gives a sleek touch, quite a bold modification compared from the classic Silver. A design revamp is also to be expected, as influenced by the MacBook Air.

Four new models are believed to be released, ranging from 13 – 17 inch screen sizes and more enhanced specifications. Apple would also apply an additional 512 GB SSD hard drive and better graphic cards. We can only hope that the Sandy Bridge processor would be integrated on the Pro 2011.

There may also be a DVD slot, for easier conversion of films to DVDs. A key feature that is highly anticipated is the Light-Peak technology, a feature that allows high-speed data transfer. It is relatively a new technology, think of USB 3.0 x 5. It is a universal connector that can offer up to 10Gbs speeds. Now, isn’t that remarkable?

Technology evolves fast, and gadgets do not fail to keep up with it. So mark your calendars as the MacBook Pro 2011 may be released sometime in March or April of 2011. We’re hoping Apple would sell at a more affordable rate, but we doubt it.


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