Mario Party 9: Release Date On Europe and New Features

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Super Mario 3D Land was released late last year, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo’s thinking of taking a break from showing off the adventures of the Italian plumber, his brother, and his princess. In fact, Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are coming back for another installment in the Mario Party series, and they’re joined by series regulars Yoshi the dinosaur, Mario’s money-hungry rival Wario, and the mushroom-like Toad for more board games on the Wii.

Like the rest of the Mario Party series, Mario Party 9 allows up to four players at a time, and playing any character they choose. The premise of the game is fairly simple- Bowser has stolen the Mini Stars from the sky, and it’s up to the players to take it all back from him, becoming the Ultimate Super Star in the process, but getting there is not that simple. Battle Royale is the game’s default mode, but players can opt for Party Adventure, wherein all the player characters climb into a vehicle and explore a board together. Of course, players are welcome to play on their own, but where’s the fun in that?

There’s also the new mini-game Boss Battle, which is a boss rush of the Mario series bosses such as Bowser Jr. and King Boo to gain more Mini Stars, and when won, players can challenge King Bowser himself. Meanwhile, NPCs from the older Party games will make a comeback for the 80 mini-games, such as the ever-present Goombas and Super Mario Sunshine’s Piantas.

Other playable characters include Luigi’s flame Princess Daisy whose first Mario Party appearance was in the third game, Wario’s partner-in-crime Waluigi who also first appeared in the third game, Shy Guy who was previously just an NPC in the Party series, and Koopa Troopa, who up to now was just the host of the game.

Mario Party 9 is expected to arrive on March 2 for Europe, March 11 for North America and April 26 for Japan, but no word on the Australia release.


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