MAUL Taser Shotgun: Review, Price and Killer Specifications

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A community or society that progresses has the pros and cons in it. One of the cons is that there are still plentiful of “criminal elements” in it wherein uncivilized beings try to thwart peace and order and create disruption. Luckily for them, both law enforcement and military are equipped with weapons (i.e. Taser guns) that could stop such situations from happening and thus preventing casualties. Actually, a new innovation on Taser is out and it’s from the company Metal Storm who is introducing the Maul Taser Shotgun.

Taser’s are non-lethal weapons (since they use electroshock) that impairs a violent person through disrupting their voluntary control of muscles. The Maul Taser Shotgun is a lightweight weapon being just 1.8 lbs. It has 12 gauges and can fire 5 shots/rounds of ammunition. It also has a shot range of about 30 yards, so it wouldn’t be a problem for our law enforcement and military to stop chaotic criminals. What’s really nice about the Maul is that it can either be mounted on a combat riffle or be used as a stand-alone weapon.

For law enforcement agencies and the military, the Maul is good add-on to their list of weapons. It may really be put into good use if such agencies want to resolve conflicts peacefully. Details on the availability and pricing are available upon contacting the Metal Storm.


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