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Microsoft intends to bring us a new mouse experience with its upcoming release of the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. This rumored Arc Touch Mouse is based on Microsoft’s Blue Track advanced optics technology and comes with a very unique and stylish design to fit its users’ needs.

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse as the name suggests can be bent into an “arc” when in use to perfectly fit the palm of your hands and is also capable of lying flat for a more convenient storage. According to a tech news site, the Arc Touch Mouse will come with a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver and is also capable of connecting with a USB port.

In addition to that, the mouse also comes with a touch sensitive strip for easy scrolling on any type of surfaces and a battery indicator as well. This mouse was also designed to enable both right and left handed customers to use the device conveniently. The mouse’s scroll area is also touch sensitive which will allow page control without the need of any mechanical wheel.
At this point, all these information that we are talking about is mainly based on leaks and speculations. Nothing is really official as of the moment. The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse seems to be perfect for laptop users who want to get rid of the traditional mouse which is bulkier.

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse seems to be a great concept from Microsoft. The designed is very unique and stylish at the same time. Since it’s ergonomically designed surely it will provide more comfort as we scroll along. This mouse design seems very ideal to help avoid wrist injuries which have become common for some people who stay on the computer for very long hours.

As revealed by a gadget website, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse will be offered at a price of $69.95 in the US and apparently it is expected to become a direct competitor of Apple’s Magic Trackpad which is slightly bigger and offers multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom capabilities. This Arc Touch Mouse is expected to make its official debut sometime in September.


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  1. Business Insurance CT (Reply) Posted on December 24th, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Really keeping my fingers cross over this. But i have doubt that it will cost more than compared to Apple’s mouse. Which is the main reason why many Microsoft devices vs Apples device fails to compete in market. Thanks for sharing this innovative mouse….


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