Microsoft Band 2 Reviews Look Mediocre At Best

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Microsoft’s latest iteration of its arm wearable band with smartwatch-like specs will soon hit the market worldwide offering innovative changes from its predecessor that debuted last year. The original wearable was a disappointment for some users because of difficulty in wearing and using it. This time, the Band 2 offers a new design that provides maximum relief to users with its all-curved aesthetics and a band that is both soft-touch and flexible. In fact, the curve seemingly fits a user’s wrist with its natural shape.


The AMOLED display offers a 320×128-pixel resolution and accommodates the “power” and “action” buttons where different operations with the device are made. It has UV exposure sensor and one that detects the number of floors climbed. The display shows an online dashboard of the company’s Microsoft Health where users can create or even schedule their periodic workouts. Other sensors include a barometer, an accelerometer, tri-axis, and a gyrometer while other features include a built-in GPS, a microphone, ambient light and optical heart rate monitor.

If GPS is in use along with other popular sensors, battery life is shortened to just two days instead of two-and-a-half, but charging is only two-and-a-half hours. Pairing with other devices like those running iOS and Windows is not easier than the original wrist wearable. In most cases, a restart of the device is needed for an immediate connection. For those interested, Microsoft Band 2.0 has a price tag of $249 initially.


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