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Things get revealed at their right time, just like Microsoft’s secret work formerly known as Project Natal. The said project was formally launched as the Microsoft Kinect. Microsoft Kinect is the company’s newest twist in the system for the Xbox 360. The system requires no controller at all. Yes, players need not have to memorize button sequences, hold joysticks or clutch a Wiimote since all you will need in this new system is your body.  Players will be able to control their video game avatars by just moving their body in front of the Kinect.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo Game Convention, Microsoft had revealed cheesy details about their motor control system that will be in the market later this year. Creative Director Kudo Tsunoda said that lots of people considered the controller a barrier thus they had set their path in coming up with a new control paradigm where anybody can join and play without having to read instructions or know set of controls.

Microsoft Kinect has a built-in camera and microphone that can be used in movie playback aside from playing video games. The integrated system, uses facial and voice recognition to log into Xbox Live start a game and access movies. Games can be played by just facing the Kinect and moving your body in the way you want your game avatars to move. Just like with the game Dance Central where your video avatar will move exactly the way you dance in front of the Kinect. Really cool, huh?,.

Along with the controller–free video games is the Video chat tagged as the Video Kinect, another feature of the Microsoft’s newest system. It is a live video chat platform for the user and his Xbox Live friends or any one on the Windows Live Messenger network. Same with the gaming, the video Kinect also works without controller.

Advantages of this new Microsoft Kinect include:

  • Gaming without the need of a controller which sometimes became a hindrance in achieving a full exciting gaming experience
  • No need to learn or know all the sets of controller and their functions since users will just be needing their body to play
  • The Kinect’s camera control gives a more realistic and thrilling game playing.
  • The 360 Dashboard interface allows easier menu navigation that works with just a wave of the arm.
  • By just pointing and reaching out in front of the Kinect, users can easily access the menu and different selections.

Microsoft also have series of Kinect games in works including Kinectimals where you can train and play with virtual cats, Joyride;a racing game, Kinect sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central and Star Wars.

Everybody was really heated up with all the details given out by the company about the new Kinect. However, it’s pricing and release date is not revealed leaving almost everybody hanging in the air. Rumors then said that the new Microsoft Kinect might have a holiday release and be priced at $150.


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