Microsoft Lightspace: Specs, Release Date and More ‘Surface’ Review

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Many people believed that the Windows Phone 7 will be a future winner for Microsoft. However, Microsoft loves to come up with innovations as well as some sort of diversified line of business such as the LightSpace. Have you ever imagined having your whole room turn into a computer? It may seem impossible at first, but technology and recent innovations have indeed proven that it can turn a lot of impossible things into reality. And Microsoft is set to come out with the next big thing through this new concept called the LightSpace.

Apparently, Microsoft Research is on the works with something that would change the way we interact with our PC. This research project is known as the LightSpace. Internally, Microsoft has showed off the LightSpace back in March at the Microsoft TechFest campus research fair. And now, the man behind the Microsoft Surface Tabletop, Andy Wilson is back and set to demonstrate along with other researchers this new project at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology to be held in New York City. See video demo below.

The LightSpace, for sure, is a cool concept and basically uses multiple depth cameras and projectors thus, allowing its users to transfer objects between touch surfaces. This depth camera has the ability to directly sense a range to the nearest physical surface at each pixel location.

With this concept, the camera makes it appear that users are carrying projected images at their hands, and then dropping them to the walls where they can be controlled using multi-touch gestures. These multi-touch gestures are basically the same with those used with the Microsoft Surface Tabletop.

With the LightSpace concept, Microsoft is trying to emphasize the notion that “the room is the computer.” It also points to a future that will make use of interactive displays such as our body. Well, it seems that the LightSpace will take us to the next level of computing experience where technology and innovation is pretty much prevalent.

Microsoft seems to very committed in bringing our computing experience to the next level. This concept of having a small room turn into some sort of a computer where a user can explore a variety of applications and computational strategies is really something unique and technologically advanced.

So what are your thoughts regarding the LightSPace? Do you think this concept will materialize in the future? Let us know in the comments


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