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We just know that Microsoft is focused on software building for phones like HTC and Samsung and their latest is the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS but have you heard that Microsoft has been working on a ‘Pink Project’ known to be Microsoft’s very own phone with their own OS too.

According to a source Microsoft has been working on this said project since 2008 and until now the team responsible for it has not yet finalized everything, in fact Pink is still in limbo (for what we have heard). The company wants Pink to be a separate entity from the rest of their software such as Windows and Premium Mobile and Zune that is why the Head of the team keeps on ignoring helpful suggestions that can improve the allegedly called Pink phone.

microsoft pink

To clear the cloud Pink is the name of the OS and at the same time it will also have its own phone from Microsoft these are ‘Turtle and Pure’. The Turtle is the coin purse look alike phone you can see on the pictures while the other one is the Pure. Basically the Pink project is personalized and started from scratch, everything is pure Microsoft about it and because of this fact most of the people involved in this project quit and some got fired (ouch!)

Pink is Microsoft reaction to iPhone’s ascendancy but I think they have over reacted on this one. Carelessness, being insensitive and deaf to people’s suggestion wouldn’t help at all (especially if the suggestions came from the people who made your success happen) and this is what happened to Microsoft while on Pink project.

So far all we could do is wait and see whether the Pink phones will still be out , delayed or never launched. Nobody knows for sure when it will be released since everything about the projected seems to be scattered all over the floor and nobody wants to pick it up.

microsoft pink

Microsoft In the other hand will surely launch WinMo 7 (Windows Mobile version 7) sometime in mid 2010, which is said to save Microsoft from consumers distasteful reputation from their line of previous OS. Let’s just hope everything goes well for the company because if it doesn’t it would be the most devastating downfall we will ever see this 2010, which will just prove that Microsoft did a wrong move when they didn’t listen to their people.



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