Microsoft: Recommended Windows 10 Update For Windows 7/8 Users on 2016

Posted on 04 November 2015 by author

Microsoft is aggressively pushing ahead with its Windows 10 update on computers running Windows 7/8. It will even be more aggressive next year when new copies of Windows 7/8 integrates a WU option making the upgrade “recommended” instead of “optional”. Microsoft says it is targeting IT professionals and bootleggers who, most often than not, tinker with the OS to introduce features of their own or find ways to bypass the update process, among others.


However, IT pros can benefit a lot with the “forced” upgrade because they will enjoy new features to commonly-used programs such as Media Creation Tool. The update process will even be easier through one-click activation instead of the usual step-by-step processes. Microsoft received many feedbacks from users of its Windows 7/8 a few months ago when it “forced” update files to be downloaded to PCs running on those OS without their consent.

This causes the machine to consume extra space for accommodating “hidden” files to the extent that it reaches more than 10GB. For users saving much space for files, videos and music, that is a completely waste of storage space. Nonetheless, Microsoft wants everybody to know that it is only protecting its copyright ownership and at the same time offering new features for users to benefit in the future.


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