Microsoft Xbox 360 TV: Release Date and Review of Rumors

Posted on 30 November 2010 by author

As people are beginning to choose cheaper online streaming subscriptions rather than expensive cable TV rates, it is Microsoft’s aim to play a major role in subscription television.

Thus, rumors have been spreading out that Microsoft is planning to start a subscription based TV-service which would basically compete with Netflix and Hulu. It is said that the software giant is eyeing on using its Xbox 360 to establish its new subscription TV plan.

Though no exact details have been released, it is rumored that Xbox will be linked to a “virtual cable operator” where users will pay a monthly subscription to watch TV channels such as ABC, CNN, Fox, etc. Other options could include selling separate programming bundles, selling individual channels, and having Xbox as an extension to existing cable subscribers. The service is expected to be developed in the next 12 months. But still, it’s far behind compared with Google and Apple which already launched their own web-TV services.

On a different note,  Microsoft has already invested in interactive television involving MSNBC. The company plans to introduce TV users an interface wherein viewers can change channels and fast forward shows through using gesture and voice commands.

And with Microsoft’s Xbox Pay-TV, the future of television would change for the better.


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