Modern Warfare 3 Guns: List of New Weapons for Multiplayer Mode

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Still haven’t been able to resist looking for more guns on Modern Warfare 3? Well, here’s another bunch for you! This time, its all about the available guns for MW3 multiplayer mode.

So we’ll begin with the black semi-automatic AK47, along with these unnamed Sniper Rifles which looks pretty darn stealthy if you’ll ask me. Next will be the new Striker South African machine gun, which you can noticeably see that its barrels are similar from a shotgun and its bullet holster are like those being used by FPSRussia from Youtube.

Then we have the M320 grenade launcher w/ M320 attachment style that works like a machine gun. Meanwhile, the AA12 shotgun (US version) is here, along with M4_IW5 with dual scoping range. The last two are the G-36 machine gun and Magpul_FMG foldable machine pistol.

Likewise, there are tons of weapons leaked on the forum site, and we suggest you visit them and save it before it gets closed by Activision.

In the latest spoiler alert we revealed last weekend, the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 is said to be a “connector” for all the previous Call of Duty titles, and gamers should expect nothing less for this game that would come as enviably awesome!

Expected release date on November 8 in PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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