Modern Warfare 3: New Wallhack (Underground Exploit) Working After Patch 1.06

Posted on 11 December 2011 by author

If you missed the MW3 train yesterday, you should know Infinity Ward already launched Patch 1.06 and from the looks of its change notes (melee jump fix, lag improvements, clan tag hack fix, stat loss prevention and changes for Host Migration’s AI), the team didn’t really manage to fix that “no recoil glitch” and “god mode” which we reported working after applying Patch 1.05.

Today, guess what folks? We received this interesting video from our readers showcasing a new Wallhack / Underground bug working after Patch 1.06.

Check it out

As you can see, the glitch was demonstrated on Outpost map. And beginning 0:06 mark, the player magically passes through the solid rock enabling him to hid underground where no players can kill him. And lo! At 0:47 mark, it appears he can actually shoot targets at that peculiar position making this exploit something that needs to be checked by the Infinity Ward police soon.

According to the gamingsphere, the next update for Modern Warfare 3 only includes nerfs from partiuclar weapons like the Akimbo FMG-9 (which we reported a few weeks ago as the game’s most overpowered gun) along with possible spawn time changes and lag-fixes. However, there’s still no mention about the bugs mentioned above.


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