Mortal Kombat 2011 (MK9): Full List of Fatalities W/ Secret for Third Fatality

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Now that Mortal Kombat a.k.a MK9 for this year has finally been unleashed, one of the most anticipated changes for this game are the fatalities! Of course, this won’t be a real MK game if its developers decided to remove it. Then again, expect that it won’t be as brutal as some fans want it to be just because ESRB and some regularity boards in different countries prohibit such feats.

Anyway, some good samaritan manage to compile almost all of the fatalities for each characters.

Check out the videos!


As you may all be aware, each characters possesses two fatalities; although it appears there’s a unlockable fatality for MK9, making the total for each character to reach three. Likewise, this secret will only be unlocked once you have the right code. According to gamers, you’ll have it once you finish the game using that characters, and that’s 80 plus new fatalities for you!

Anyway, this won’t be the real Mortal Kombat 9 if we don’t have the God of War’s main bad-ass protagonist — Kratos!

Sadly, Kratos fatality isn’t really the most spectacular of all, unlike some enthusiasts are predicting, in which he’ll pull the skull of his victim until you see their spinal column being removed. Then again, I guess this won’t be plausible unless ESRB in Australia have a change of heart.

Mortal Kombat 2011 is now available today and it’s looking good!


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