Most Expensive Macbook Pro: Gold Plated With Diamond Apple Logo — Price and Release Still Hazy

Posted on 11 October 2011 by author

Sure, reports about iDevices getting plated with 24kt gold is not really new anymore but Macbook Pro covered with the third most expensive metal known to man? Well, if you’re interested, you can head on to computer-choppers and see their latest creation.

Behold! A Macbook Pro plated with 24 karat gold along some finely carved intrinsic designs, which you can order and customize just in case you aren’t a fan of age-old engravings. But that’s not all, as you can see from the picture, the Apple logo is covered with 5 ctw diamonds making everything even more luxurious.

Likewise, you can contact the shop and ask if they can made a 13, 15 or even a 17-inch MBP for you, just make sure you know someone who has a royal blood because from what we heard, the retailer plans to flaunt it on Dubai as the world’s most expensive Apple notebook.

Anyway, if you’re a purist for gold, you can grab its alternative: a 13-inch Macbook Pro covered with 24kt gold sans the diamond-crusted Apple logo and engravings setting you back for a price of 5,000 USD. Expect it to be shipped after a month because things like these takes time to be finished.

Just don’t ask us if its specs came from the latest MBP for this year since its innards are still being concealed.


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