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WiMax is Motorola’s version of USB type internet connection and this time Motorola did try their best to change how we look at wireless connectivity with their 4G innovation. In fact WiMax have been in demand in Pakistan via Wateen Telecom’s. So what is WiMax?


Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) is actually a telecommunication technology that delivers wireless transmission of information using point to multi-point links to provide portable mobile internet access. This technology is considered as the last mile effort for a wireless and mobile internet connection (alternative to DSL and Cable too)

Sounds good? Of course! But like any other invention (actually almost all inventions in the world) it wasn’t vindicated from flaws. Since this device offers wireless connection the process of how it delivers signal is not different from a Wi-Fi connection where you need a hot spot and the like.

That explains why it’s not yet widely used in US or other parts of the world (other than Pakistan I believe).Okay so this is 4G and it’s definitely better than what you have at home now and most probably you are having thoughts of replacing what you currently have now.


I suggest holding that thought for the mean time. The main purpose of this device is to provide mobile internet access (not to use it at home) but if the 4G signal in your area is stable and strong then GO for it but if not then don’t even dare (it will just be a waste of money). Other flaws of this device is that it’s pure 4G, unlike the 3G USB modems we have today that adapts to the signal availability.

For example you’re travelling and you have the 3G USB handy and you’re using it, when you pass by a rural area that doesn’t have a signal for 3G it will automatically switch to 2G (whatever signal is available).This capability is not yet available for Clear WiMax. The good thing about is though is that the connection is pretty fast, simple, automatic and reliable. It automatically connects you to the web once it gets hold of a 4G signal, no need to hassle yourself from manual logging in. See video demo below for more details on this technology


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