Mozilla Boot To Gecko: Download and Release Vs Chrome OS Soon

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The economic concept of competition drives companies to innovate and improve their product offerings. Such concept applies to almost anything and can be related to web companies trying to outshine each other in terms of developing a web-based operating system. Sounds familiar? Well, Mozilla just announced its Boot to Gecko project wherein they’ll create a standalone and web-based operating system.

Unlike ChromeOS which works with web applications, Boot to Gecko intends to specifically cater to mobile devices. The project will also be Android-based and targets the creation an operation system like that of ChromeOS. As mentioned earlier, Google’s open-source Android platform will be used but focus will entirely be on the handheld/tablet/mobile experience. The use of Android will only be limited to its kernel and drivers since this will be utilized to boot the device (according to Mozilla, they’ll be using Android as little as possible).

Mozilla’s project eventually aims to “break the strangehold of proprietary technologies over the mobile device world.” Key steps to be undertaken in the project are – Boot to Gecko to take on the mobile device functions (e.g. messaging, NFC, etc) and create web APIs that would be able to handle the mobile functions. Accordingly, from this point on, Mozilla hopes that developers should be able to find a way for both web pages and applications to access these components.

An ambitious project indeed but only time will tell as to when it will be available.


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