MySpace Teases Its New Design, Giving Away Invites

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The Gen-Y populous will always remember Myspace as one of the very first social media suites that came along with Friendster during the couples’ heyday way back when. But just like the latter, Myspace was overshadowed by the creeping popularity of Facebook and the once popular site took the back seat and just went on to be overlooked as time goes by.

While it is good to remember back the old days once in a while, once must ponder on how Myspace can get its groove back since Facebook pretty much got everything and will occasionally update its interface to be better than ever. With Friendster becoming a social gaming institution, will Myspace stay and retain its music-cored values? Remember when it rebranded itself as Myspace from MySpace, some of us related to this feat as a desperate attempt to regain their once regarded status but to no avail. But with innovation comes a new window for the former social-network site as its new head announced a complete revamp from the ground up but “staying true to their roots” and with a site to “empower people to express themselves however they want.”

In a promotional teaser, Myspace divulged its plans to completely redecorate their website with a touch of minimalism artistry, horizontal scrolling interface and of course, music – a standpoint of Myspace for almost 10 years. If you are wondering why Justin Timberlake says hi on the home screen, it’s because News Corp. sold its rights to Specific Media and to the former N’Sync standout. As far as design is concerned, Myspace is no new kid on the block: Specific Media also made quite an effort last year up to the point of labeling the site as the “#1 online music destination”. In 2010, CEO Mike Jones took charge of its revival but was turned down by the community, and the rest is history as they say.

As human as we are, the news on a whole new Myspace will still carry a bag of curiosity as to how far will they go to have their name back in contention. But so far, the video clearly depicts a “matured” Myspace: white and gray theme, sans serif font, side scrolling options that is somewhat in the boundary of Facebook and Pinterest. Music is still the lifeblood of Myspace and as well as other promotional adverts that pokes the whole artist community in the back.

It is indeed a breath of fresh air that Myspace has decided to go back to their old ways but with a modern flair. Will this be enough to make them shine? We all should find it out for ourselves. The NEW Myspace website is up and running and be sure to leave your email (you can’t miss it) for an invite to be sent “very soon”.



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