N-Control Avenger: Price, Specs and Review for Xbox 360 Controller

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The Yuletide season is indeed a time where a lot of people plan to buy the newest and latest gadgets and toys either for personal use or as a gift to a loved-one. Well, caring and sharing comes naturally as we reach out to our friends and family and give them little tokens of love and appreciation. And if you are thinking of what gift to give your children or teens this Christmas, why don’t you check out the new N-Control Avenger for Xbox 360. Apparently, this is the latest gaming accessory available in the market today that is especially intended for the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and manufactured by well-known peripheral maker N-Control.

Basically, the Avenger is more of an external adapter that further enhances the Xbox 360 gameplay especially those who play FPS titles. This thing looks like a gamepad for the Xbox 360, but actually what you are getting is not exactly a full game pad controller, but more of a housing. This accessory tightly grips the controller’s exterior surface thus, providing an immersive gaming experience. This adapter transforms the Xbox 360 by increasing its accuracy and reaction time as well.

In addition to this, the Avenger also comes with the following capabilities and features:

  • allows rapid and fluid movements between individual buttons and analogue sticks
  • allows gamers to access up to nine functions simultaneously
  • comes with stabilizer tripod, high-precision tension straps and hair triggers
  • also comes with sensitivity adjusters which can be easily adjusted and fine tuned just like a musical instrument

Well, it looks like the N-Control Avenger will become the ultimate secret weapon that any gamer could ever have in order to enjoy any first-person shooter games, sports game, action-adventure as well as fighting and racing games. Obviously, the Avenger can work well with any genre of games and you can have it for only $ 59.99.

So if you are looking for a great gift that you could give these holiday seasons, might as well check this newest accessory for the Xbox 360. Your children will surely love to have this kind of accessory that will further enhance their gaming experience at a very affordable price as well.


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