New Amazon Deals Before Black Friday: Starhawk, Zone of the Enders HD, More

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Amazon is on steroids giving new deals for gamers under its Black Friday shopping event that will last for the whole month of November. As of the moment, we received confirmation the shop is giving up to 50% discounts to these selected PS3 Xbox 360, DS and PS Vita titles if you purchase them today.


Video Games

Starhawk (PS3) at $11.75 (from $59.99)

Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3) at $9.88

007 Legends (Wii U) at $15.38

007 Legends (X360 and PS3) at $16.5 each

Plants Vs Zombies (Nintendo DS) at $9.99

The Serious Sam Collection (Includes first and second encounter, BFE with two DLCs and Serious Sam Double D XXL) (X360) at $21.8

Tomb Raider (X360 and PC Download) at $19.99 and $12.49 respectively

Spy Hunder (PS Vita) at $9.99

All the items listed are heavily discounted compared to rivaled retailers listing most in their original prices. Likewise, we personally pick The Serious Sam Collection as the bundle contains all the popular titles under the franchise – a great way to start if you are a new player. We also loved the Zone of the Enders HD collection which packs two classic titles made by Konami’s Hideo Kojima.

Check out other video games deals from Amazon’s Black Friday countdown here.


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